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We are two girls from Iceland. Currently studying in London, one at LCC, the other at LCF. We enjoy collaborating on creative endevours with other students or proffesionals. This blog is our medium of sharing our work, thoughts and lives with anyone out there. Don't hesitate to contact us about anything!


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As I said in a post before, I just got a new job here in London. I started last Friday and have been working since then, hence the no new blog posting. I work in a lovely fashion boutique in Hampstead, called The Kooples, they have 15 other stores all over London, but the label started in Paris in 2008. I am starting off with a 1 month trial period which will hopefully be extended for a longer contract. So far it's been great, my manager is amazing, the store is lovely, their collections are just my style and the customers really friendly. I couldn't be happier and I've been making lots of sales! 

Before I started working my and Katrín took some outfit photos last week, and will hopefully meet again on Friday to snap some more. Hopefully the weather will stay as lovely as it's been the last week. 

We were going out for some celebratory drinks because of my new job, so I got a little fancy! I wore my Sonia Rykiel dress, a pair of polka dot tights for H&M and my Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony boots.

I really don't know how to take myself seriously and this is what happens then.

I love my OC Mary Jo booties so much. I got them on sale the Liberty last January, for only £90! Even though they're super high platforms they're surprisingly easy to walk in, I mean suuuure, I've almost killed myself twice while wearing them! But over all they've got that great sort of platform balance so they're a breeze to walk in compared to poorly designed platforms. 

So pretty!

But like Katrín told you guys, we were in Monitor last Thursday. Monitor is a life and style magazine that gets published with Morgunblaðið (the national newspaper of Iceland) every Thursday. You can still read the interview here - in Icelandic.

A lovely thanks to Þórhildur for interviewing us, she also interviewed Mundi for the cover piece, you Icelanders should definitely read that one as well. He is such a talented and inspiring young man.

Until next time, have a lovely Monday!

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