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MUNDi's SS12 - Chained And Dumped In The Ocean

MUNDi's label, established in 2007, is the creation of Icelandic prodigy Gudmundur Hallgrimsson (aka Mundi), born in 1987. Hallgrímsson was accepted at a very young age into the Graphic Design department at the Icelandic Art Academy as an exception to the rule. Since then he has been busy with all kinds of art and design and has been exhibited around the world. As an artist, among his many career highlights include his collaboration with Austrian performance group Gelitin at the Venice Biennale in 2007, 2009 and 2011 and a collaboration with Kling and Bang at Freize art fair in 2008.

Mundi started to design clothes by happy accident at the age of 19 after doing a graphic design project for the Icelandic Phonebook using Icelandic wool to make a pattern used on the cover. From this experiment the idea came up to transform the pattern into big hooded sweaters. His Spaceman wool sweaters were a huge success and Mundi became the first Icelandic designer ever to sell his clothing at Iceland's number one hig fashion store KronKron that carries items from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Henrik Vibskov and Sonia Rykiel. Collection 2007 was catwalked at Copenhagen Fashion Week. During 2010 Paris Fashion Week Mundi launched his first short film The Rabbit Hole that starred his SS10 collection and received much attention. Since then Mundi has made three short films that have been shown all over the world, including the Rottedam International Film Festival. His latest short film The Journey, which stars his AW12 collection was premiered at Reykjavík Fashion Festival where it got amazing reviews as well as his AW12 collection. 

Mundi Vondi.

His SS12 collection, named "Chained and dumped in the ocean" is obviously very inspired by the sea and everything to do with the sea life. The textures and patterns look like waves, chains and rocks. It hit the stores in Iceland only last week, so you Icelandic readers can go check it out at Mundi's Boutique on Laugarvegur! You foreigners, Mundi's clothes are sold all over the world, for example Copenhagen, Germany, New York and Hong Kong. Just check out his website at Mundi Vondi

One of my favourite pieces is the tsunami dress. It's wavy and wide and looks as comfortable as it is pretty! 


Definitely a favorite. Love the wave pattern.

So beautiful. 

The back details are amaaazing. For some reason it reminds me of fun summer nights on the Reykjavík Harbour with Lilja, drinking whitewine by the sea. Oh god.. I miss Iceland.. and the sea! Anyways, onto the next piece..

I really do need this sweater for the autumn. It's so classic. 

Sooo basically, every piece from this line is kind of amazing. To see the rest just check out Mundi SS12 where you can see them all.

I hope to be able to go home sometime later this summer, if only for a long weekend. I'm missing my family and friends back home terribly at the moment. If I do I'll make my way to Mundi's boutique and get the tsunami dress, I'm pretty much obsessed with him right now. And the black hooded sweater.. and and.. 

Hope your having a good monday. I'm gonna keep lounging around starbucks with my cup of coffee and some online windowshopping.. 


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