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We are two girls from Iceland. Currently studying in London, one at LCC, the other at LCF. We enjoy collaborating on creative endevours with other students or proffesionals. This blog is our medium of sharing our work, thoughts and lives with anyone out there. Don't hesitate to contact us about anything!


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The somewhat sunny day 

The weather forecast seems to be looking a bit more optimistic these days, for us living in London. It's been a bit strange hearing news from Iceland about the immaculate weather there this summer, while I sit and sulk inside on my days off (the very few I'm getting this summer). 

Since I get such few days off, I try to make the most of them. I've seen touristy places, been on countless walks around the area and now I just need the weather to brighten a bit up so I can properly explore Hampstead Park. 

Me and Katrín had a walk around West Hampstead last Tuesday, as it's her new neighbourhood, which makes me a very happy girl! Having your best friend within walking distance is not a very common thing in London.

We found this gorgeous street called Honeybourne Rd. where there were these beautiful mansion type buildings on both sides of the street. Everything was so green and colorful with all the different flowers in front of the buildings leading up to the entrances. 

I just got my first ever Kooples garment a couple of weeks ago which my mum was lovely to buy me during the sales there, it's this landscape print dress called the desert dress (it's 50% off in store!) I wore my H&M blazer with it, and a pair of black leather Chelsea boots from Bertie, which I got from my previous manager at The Kooples, Celine. 

Pretty print!

All of my favorite charms, heirlooms and souvenirs from places I've traveled to.

Then we met this cute kitty cat who was willing to talk to me for about 5 seconds until he carried on wobbling on that fence, trying to catch a fly. I hope he caught it, he was so focused until I interrupted him. 

Well, I'm off to get my hair cut, yay! Have a lovely weekend all!

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Reader Comments (2)

Love your dress and your hair color too...Just Fierce!

July 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBerty Morales

Thank you Berty!

July 21, 2012 | Registered CommenterLiljurós

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