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We are two girls from Iceland. Currently studying in London, one at LCC, the other at LCF. We enjoy collaborating on creative endevours with other students or proffesionals. This blog is our medium of sharing our work, thoughts and lives with anyone out there. Don't hesitate to contact us about anything!


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A Meadham Kirchhoff Topshop Extravaganza!

Last Friday me and Lilja went to see a very impressive jubilee-themed in-store event at Topshop on Oxford Street, hosted by Meadham Kirchhoff. The store was filled with candy floss, balloons, sweets and candy colored popcorn. Fun indeed. The store was completely packed and quite hard to see the models coming down the escalator and then start dancing on full blast to Spice Girl's 'Wannabe' and Sex Pistol's 'God save the Queen'. But still I managed to capture a few images of all the fun.

In the stores biggest window, facing Oxford Street, golden curtains revealed a colorful swirling cake with corseted dancers swirling their feathered fans towards the audience on the street. Very impressive indeed.

Excuse the poor quality of the photos! But here are the dancers in the window, everything pastel and candy colored. Lovely.

I was basically just lifting my camera up and capturing random things. As you can see. I liked this one particularly though. Legs for days.

Pretty! They look like some sort of candy cake decorations. 

Cute. And of course a glittery sequined British flag. 

Sea of people. 

The rest of the photos were really too randomly captured and bad that they're not really publishable I'm afraid. The event was short but fun. We got free balloons and if you bought clothes for over 60 pounds you got a paper crown designed by Meadham! It was all good fun and afterwards we went for some wagamama and white wine. Ah! 

Hope everyone's having a fun Queen's Diamond Jubilee.